How People Use Credit Cards to Benefit Their Holidays


Holidays are great craic. You get all that sunshine you’ve been craving (unless you go somewhere cold and miserable), you get to forget about the stress of work life and your nutritional requirements for a while and you are free to spend your annual salary in eight days… if you’re feeling frugal that is. As the Holiday Spending Calculator shows, money is an important factor when planning a holiday, and more often than not it […] Read more »

Discovering Guernsey on a short family break


Helen Moffat and her family spent a weekend discovering Guernsey. Here’s what they found. We caught our first glimpse of Guernsey as we left the ferry and made slow progress through the Friday afternoon traffic of the capital, St Peter Port, and immediately began forming our impressions. “I think it looks like France,” said my 10-year-old. “I think it looks like the seaside,” said my seven-year-old.  “It’s certainly very pretty. More modern than I was […] Read more »

A Useful Guide to Planning a Motorhome Holiday

A motorhome holiday can be the journey of a lifetime if planned correctly. Get it wrong, however, and you could be on a trip to hell and back. Read this useful guide to avoid the common pitfalls associated with motorhome holidays, or for more information visit Travelworld Motorhomes. 1. Book in advance One of the best things about a motorhome holiday is the freedom to up and leave when you want and move on to […] Read more »

Review: A weekend in Jersey with Condor Ferries

By Julie Meltcalfe Friday We arrived at Condor Ferries Poole Ferry Terminal roughly an hour before sailing.  All the staff were happy and smiling which really put us in the holiday mood.  We’d expected a long wait until we could board the ferry, but were pleasantly surprised to be only waiting 10 minutes before we were aboard. It can be quite daunting parking your car on a ferry, but there were lots of stewards there […] Read more »

TrayKit backpack and play-tray – review


As we were just preparing to head on holiday, the timing of the arrival of our TrayKit couldn’t have been better. My seven-year-old is what we politely call very creative – or when we’re feeling less polite, plain messy!  She cannot get enough of drawing and colouring, so the tray proved just perfect for her. It’s an all-in-one backpack and play-tray – meaning she was able to pack it with all her pens, pencils and […] Read more »