Mud glorious mud at the Dead Sea, Jordan

Melissa floating.

There was a lot of laughter when we visited the Dead Sea in the closing days of 2012. And a lot of counting our blessings. I wanted to share some pictures here of our fabulous day at Sweimeh near Madaba in Jordan. Temperatures were nudging the mid-twenties, not bad for the end of December — and very, very appealing on a snowy day like today. Our time spent at the Dead Sea, was part of a […] Read more »

Activity holiday review: PGL Boreatton Park, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Raftbuilding cPGL

By Melissa and Emily Aitchison, aged 14 When we found out we were going to spend a week in Shropshire on an activity holiday, it’s fair to say we didn’t know what to think. We were very grateful for the opportunity but nervous about what our stay would bring. It was the fear of the unknown that was worrying us, we knew we would be okay without our mum but the prospect of being with […] Read more »

When did you first take your children abroad?

Airports are exciting, aren't they Mum?

My friend Hollie has a three-month old baby girl. She asked me recently when I thought they could go abroad. I didn’t know what to say. I first went overseas with my daughters when they were approaching their third birthday — I remember how hard I wished for them to be out of nappies before our trip to Cyprus. My parents came too. It was a lovely holiday, full of laughter, and plenty of happy […] Read more »

Christmas in Staffordshire

A wonderfully bearded Santa at Shugborough

Thanks to Enjoy Staffordshire for sending us details of some of the treats in store for those who love this beautiful county (who doesn’t?) We’re blessed with the amazing scenery of Cannock Chase — perfect for a winter walk, character-packed market towns and villages and gorgeous stately homes. Events at Shugborough and Weston Park can be outstanding. Here’s what Enjoy Staffordshire say about this time of year: Ho Ho Ho! It’s the most wonderful time […] Read more »

Holidays without Dad

Our favourite holiday - swimming with dolphins near Nassau.

Watching awestruck as the world’s biggest water display gushed forth, my eyes stung with tears. A soundtrack of Whitney Houston belting out I will always love you,  didn’t help. As crowds surged around me at the foot of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa I was lost in a world of my own. Last week, me and my girls sampled the mind-blowing delights of this glittering city of majestic skyscrapers, including the world’s tallest building where I cried. […] Read more »