Movie Review – Get Santa

Get Santa PicOn 15th November we were invited along to Vue Cinema in Picadilly Circus to the movie preview of Get Santa, the new Christmas film from Warner Brothers.

It was an offer we couldn’t refuse, partly because we’ve been working with Blithbury Reindeer Lodge who provided the reindeers for the movie and we’ve been waiting all summer to get a glimpse of them in their acting roles.

Jim Broadbent (Santa) and Rafe Spall who plays the ex-con dad, just out of prison, trying to spend some quality time with his son are just brilliant.  Although Warwick Davies doesn’t feature as much as I thought he would in the film, he brings his usual brilliant acting abilities to the role.

As for the reindeer, they were true stars.  How they ever got a reindeer to wear a pantomime cow suit I’ll never know! 

Right from the start Get Santa is an entertainingly heart warming film, cleverly scripted with funny moments that will appeal to young and old. It’s just an all round fun and touching British movie that has you laughing all the way through, from farting reindeers to great escapes.

The last scenes of the movie definitely put a lump in my throat too.  It’s everything a great Christmas movie should be and I can’t wait to watch it again.