Coach trips; an alternative way to holiday

For anyone who has ever sat on a cold terminal floor waiting for a delayed plane in the middle of the night, you will know that flying for your holiday can be highly inconvenient and demanding. In the jubilee year of our Queen, there really is no reason why anyone would have to leave the country for a little bit of excitement. With a hefty summer of sports and events on the way, why not try a coach holiday this year from National Holidays?

If you’re wishing to holiday with the family, there’s truly a world of activities and attractions out there within our own green and pleasant land. So, without further words of nonsense, here are a few attractions that may just take your sway this summer.

Cadbury World

With a wealth of attraction throughout the West Midlands, Cadbury World in Birmingham is quite possibly the jewel of the crown, and is the perfect place to take the children if you’re based in the north and are unwilling to go as far down to places such as London. Opened since 1990, the factory is visited by 500,000 excited chocolate fans every single year and includes attractions such as the ‘Aztec Jungle’ (showcasing the history of Chocolate), along with a tour of where all the scrumptious chocolate is made, manufactured and packaged. Also home to the world’s biggest Cadbury shop, the whole trip really is a coupling of learning and engorgement!


Situated just outside the affluent and historical town of Windsor, Legoland is a treat for children and any adult wishing to regress, if only for a few moments, back into the world of their childhood. Opened in 1996 on the land of Windsor Safari Park, the theme park had over 1.9 million visitors in 2011 making it the second most visited theme park in the United Kingdom and the tenth overall in Europe. Now with a Legoland Hotel and events such as the 4D Imagination Theatre and DUPLO Puppet Show Theatre happening all throughout the summer, there’s never been a better time to hop on a coach and get on down to Windsor.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

With the recent opening of the Harry Potter studio tour, there’s no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t make your way to the Warner Brothers Studio in London. With promises of more magic than a wizard on a broomstick, you need to make sure that you book your ticket before you arrive as no tickets are sold on the site of the studio tour. Opened only this year, the biggest film series in history now welcomes you to tour some of the most secretive of places including that of Dumbledore’s office. With that in mind however, the most impressive feature of the tour may very well be the breathtaking hand sculpted 1:24 scale of Hogwarts Castle itself which, if you add up all the hours that was taken to build it, would add up to no less than 74 years.

If there isn’t enough magic to keep you glued to the United Kingdom however, there is certainly enough reason to follow your dreams to Europe on a coach this summer. With more than enough destinations throughout the entire continent, you could find yourself there in no time, and at one that is convenient to you!  Besides that, you may also wish to know that travelling to your holiday destination is far more environmentally friendly than travelling by any other commercial form of transport, including trains and planes. So the next time you think about jetting off to mainland Europe, think not only about your wallet, but the environment too!