Twenty family activity and travel sites packed with summer fun

Why we love butterfly farms, a recent post by Rosie Scribble from Ready for Ten.

IF you're running out of inspiration for stuff to do with your family, these resources may get you going. From booking a best deal on an exotic getaway to mastering some crafty fun, these sites — some you'll know and some you won't — will be right up your alley.

Carrots and Kids

Deb is a gifted blogger whose love for her family, allotment and amazing craft or (whispers) educational projects shines out from her gorgeous blog.  Her Big List of Things To Do For Bored Children is a prime example of what's so wonderful about her blog.

They say:

With over 1,000 family days out listed on our site, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a fun day out with the kids. The Child Friendly team has hand-picked some of Britain's top family attractions – everything from free farm days out, to action packed adventures at popular theme parks. We’re constantly on the look-out for new days out to add to our listings, so if there’s an attraction we haven’t listed we’d love to hear from you!


One of the warmest and wittiest bloggers on the block, Becky includes mouthwatering recipes to try, as well as sharing news of what's up in the garden more foodie stuff and travel reviews. Lovely jubbly.

Ideas for the kids

They say:

The UK's most comprehensive free online source of places to go and things to do with your kids. We have details of over 11,000 child-friendly venues and attractions, and have already helped over two million families find fun places to take their kids.

Information Britain

They say:

Find what Britain has to offer as a short break or holiday destination beyond compare. Locate local businesses, shops and services…Learn about British history, culture, places and people and vote for your favourites. Ideas by the thousand to get out and about and discover truly brilliant Britain.

It’s a Small World After All

Victoria Wallop writes about various kids’ days out and activities as well as plans for a 12-month around the world trip which is due to kick off this autumn. Awesome, gooood jawb as they say in the theme park where the eponymous ride can be found.*

Kids in Museums

Founded in 2003 under the auspices of the Guardian when writer Dea Birkett’s young son was thrown out of the Royal Academy for being too noisy, Kids in Museums now leads in promoting family-friendly policies and attitudes throughout Britain. The Kids in Museums Manifesto, along with the Guardian’s Family Friendly Museum Award have been incredibly successful ways of encouraging and guiding museums and galleries across the country to make family visits engaging and enjoyable.

KidsTravel2 Blog

They say:

We enjoy travelling and holidays together. We hope you will find our family travel tips useful (including our free children's car activities. We also hope you will enjoy sharing and contributing to our travel experience and advice.


Find chat, family day out reviews, features and travel reports from leading journalist Liz Jarvis.

The Madhouse

Sunshine_awardLovely Jen shares crafty ideas, reviews advice about growing your own and more.


Globetrotting Trish shares reviews and advice from family holidays and more, most recently apparently flirting with Frenchmen in the Dordogne. Chance would be a fine thing.


A beautiful site packed with fun ideas for families to try together. Ace. (Do people still say ace?)


They say:

A free site for listing and booking trips, courses, classes, accommodation and events. We love seeing passionate people listing and selling activities you'd never normally hear about, and on you can book these exciting things to do directly from the people selling them. Browsing around the site, you'll find things going on locally and away from home. So, avoid run-of-the-mill tourist trails and use this site to find and book great local activities wherever you're going.


Excellent thought-provoking ideas, articles, tips and discussions from Tamsin, Joanne, Kelly et al. Everything from best kids' travel gear to how to help your children savour foreign food.


Oh now this is a great blog. Kath writes with such loving detail about family trips to parks and other days out, her enthusiasm is infectious as she shows you don't have to break the bank to have a good time. Her latest post, on Bantock House and Gardens is a fine example of her passion for the great outdoors.

Ready for Ten

Ready for Ten (and its Skillscape

Have a Lovely Time's Linda is the editor of this parent-powered website stacked with tips, conversation and more, with a theme this month of new places to go. Okay we're biased but a wonderful team of parent bloggers and experts offer up posts about family fun. The crowd-sourced Skillscape feature, now at more than 600 spaces added, is a map of the UK’s best spaces for kids to play. It’s a resource for parents, by parents, and it’s stacked with playgrounds, beaches, museums and adventures.

There’s enough to keep even the busiest kids discovering new spaces through the summer holidays, and beyond.

Really Kid Friendly

They say:

We set up Really Kid Friendly after having children and suddenly viewing the world from a different angle. Unable to visit those familiar pre-children haunts now you have a toddler on the scene? We hope Really Kid Friendly can tell you about the best and the worst when it comes to eating out with kids or visiting somewhere new. So many places claim they are great for the family, but in reality turn out to be the complete opposite. There are loads of accommodating restaurants, brilliant days out and friendly venues just waiting for a visit – if only you had someone to help you unearth those hidden gems! We think the best people to make recommendations on most things are parents, grandparents and carers who have already tried them with their kids – they can tell you how all sorts of places measure up in the real world. Our site allows you to read their reviews, benefit from their experience, and then pass on your own thoughts about navigating the world with a family by your side.

SuperSavvyme guide to keeping kids entertained

This summer guide includes mums'  most economical and fun tips to keep kids entertained during the summer. Susanna says: "More than 40 parents from the British Mummy Bloggers social network contributed ideas and reviews. In addition to outdoor destinations, there are suggestions for activities such as making ice cream, juggling, a treasure hunt, a garden sports day, and staging a play

Take the Family

Respected family travel site set up by independent writers.

They say: We were bored.

bored of parents being ignored

bored of being told we couldn't take the family there.

Or there.

And definitely not there

bored of people asking our children to be quiet

bored of reading the same thing about the same place

bored of hearing there wasn't a high chair

or that it was more expensive at half term

we felt it was time for a change

What's on for Little Ones/What’s on for Schoolkids

They say:

We started from humble beginnings. Sam gained a lot of pleasure from taking her baby to various classes and activities but found it very tricky to find out what was going on in her local area. It took ages to get a proper idea of what was on. So she decided that parents like you and I needed a single website that would have everything that was available for the under fives. This has now spread for older children.

* Yes I said eponymous. Sorry about that.