A first holiday with your baby isn’t always great, what’s your advice?

A choppy tide can await winter UK holidaymakers
BLOGGER Aqeela offered this post for Have a Lovely Time and it has brought memories flooding back of the first holiday we spent with our baby twins- in a rainy Welsh caravan park. Surrounded by sick and poo, we might as well have been at home. 

I wished the whole week away as I stood at the sink scrubbing bottles. Can you remember your first holiday with children. Was it a success?

And what tips would you offer to make it one?

Aqeela writes:

We’ve just come back from a week away in Cornwall. I’d been looking forward to spending some time there for ages – it has been two years since we last went and we are ‘supposed’ to go every year really. I just love it there, we’re not really ones for going abroad, and as I have family in Cornwall it makes sense to go there. Plus the scenery, the villages, the harbours, the beaches, it’s all just wonderful. I always come back feeling so inspired, and ready to get rid of the bad habits and incorporate more of the good.

But this time was different, no longer just me and my hubby, waltzing around gardens, flying the kite on the beach, spending whole days wondering the little cobbled streets, trying hard to stick together through crowds of tourists. Nope, this time there were three of us. It was Dave’s first holiday.

In my head, I had visualised a wonderful treat, Cornwall at Christmas, glittering baubles and twinkling fairy lights, Christmas trees in shop windows, hours huddled together on beaches whilst managing to keep out the cold, hot flask of tea in hand. You know, a romantic getaway, love hearts surrounding our little family as Dave gets his first taste of ice cream and we’re just so happy together.

Unrealistic? Moi?

Let’s just say, we certainly won’t be going on holiday with a baby again! The routine goes out the window (I kind of expected that anyway but i didn’t think about how that may affect our holiday), the nights were sleepless (until the last two nights), we didn’t manage to leave the bungalow until midday (pretty normal for me when we are at home but not something that you want when your on holiday and the daylight disappears at 4pm.)


Plus, this time of year in Cornwall turned out to be not as magical as I’d envisaged. On our visit, there was hardly a Christmas tree or decoration in sight! In fact there was hardly anyone in sight.


Most shops and attractions were closed for the winter. I guess the good thing to come of that is that we spent much less than we anticipated! And it was nice to not have to battle through crowds.


But it certainly was good to see my family again. And they had a lovely Christmas tree up too (Dave loved that!). And I am still inspired by all the old stone houses, the simple way of life, the little fishing villages where you feel transported back to days of old. If you want olde worlde charm then Cornwall is the place to be. And I love all that, so despite a few let downs here and there, I’m still glad we went. At least we know now. Babies (and winters) in Cornwall just don’t mix!


What do you think? Should Aqeela and family try another holiday while Dave is a baby or should they stay put?


Where would you recommend they visit for a more magical time? Realistically, where can families afford to go?